Mana Solar

Cope Gardens

A domestic installation with 6kw Solis hybrid inverter with 5.78kwh of Fox ESS battery storage. Generation is split across the rear of the property and an adjoining garage with cabling installed out of site bellow ground between the house and garage.

Brunel Close, Wellingborough

This system was installed alongside a newly over-clad roof. The 30kwp system splits across two pitches and six arrays. Producing a predicted 27,329kwh annually, saving an estimated seven tonnes of CO2 per year.

Blackheath Market

A 72kw installation across two pitches and 3 arrays. with a projected yearly generation of 60,944Kwh saving 15 tonnes of CO2 production annually

The Old Brewery, Bourne

The client at the old brewery was had a new roof and wanted to save on their bills and offset some of the costs of the renovation. They opted for a 90kwp system with a projected yearly output of 75339kwh  They are saving a total estimated 39704kg of carbon emissions.